Daily Journey Journal #364: no one watching

Dance, like no one is watching

Because in the end

They won’t remember the mis-steps,

They won’t remember the mistakes.

They won’t remember the music

Or the words,

The dress that you wore

Or the shoes as they slid.

They’ll remember your smile,

Your laughter,

Your joy

And the light in your eyes.

They’ll remember that you danced

Like no one was watching,

And that is all that matters.


Daily Journey Journal #352: my fortress

From May 14, 2015

These four walls,

My refuge,

My nest,

Crafted over time,

Woven with treasures,

String with love.


These four walls,

My haven,

My castle,

Built with care,

Fortified with memory,

Infused with comforting familiarity.