Daily Journey Journal #360: the return home

From May 22, 2015

Familiar sights, now strange,

Revisited, as if in a dream.

Faces gone long unseen

Bring back the reminders

Of all that is

The place we call home


Daily Journey Journal #357: differents

From May 19, 2015

Prompt from 642 Tiny Things to Write About

3 ways my brother and I are completely different

  1. I am a neat-nick and rather type A. My brother doesn’t mind a mess and flies by the seat of his pants, making a plan as he goes. He is a much freer spirit.
  2. My brother adores insects, reptiles and amphibians. He wanted to be an entomologist when he was a kid. I generally run away screaming anytime I come in close proximity to any of these creatures and could think of no greater punishment than studying bugs for a lifetime.
  3. My brother LOVES sugar. We joke that he runs on sugar and nothing else. Whereas I can’t do too much sugar, especially not in the morning, he can hardly function if he hasn’t had a heaping amount sugar-coated breakfast.

Two days and counting until my brother is home again! Mayhaps I should bring some sugary goodness with me to welcome him home…Micronesia wasn’t quite as sugar laden as the US…

Daily Journey Journal #356: sames

From May 18, 2015

My little brother is returning from Micronesia this week. It has been almost two years since I last saw him in person and I am so excited to see him that I can barely stand it! T minus 3 days until he’s back!

Prompt from 642 Tiny Things to Write About

3 ways my brother and I are totally the same

  1. We detest being told what to do and do not do well with domineering individuals. We also have a tendency to be stubborn.
  2. We’re always up for an adventure, having survived a fair few adventures during childhood.
  3. We look like my mom’s side of the family and have the same nose. We also got our sense of humor and general silliness from my mom’s family.

Daily Journey Journal #355: a family miracle

From May 17, 2015

A couple of winters ago, my grandfather’s memory took a drastic turn for the worse. Until that point he had had an incredibly sharp mind, capable of remembering detailed information about almost anything, his favorite topics being WWII, his childhood, rules for dozens of card games and observations of societal changes. His mind was like an encyclopedia.

And then it slipped away.

He couldn’t remember what he was doing when asked to get something from another room. He couldn’t remember the rules for card games he’d been playing his whole life. He couldn’t remember any new information.

The changes were alarming and I worried that we were about to lose him down the foggy road into dementia. It happened to A’s grandmothers. It happened to the father of a family friend. It happens all too often today.

But, it seems a miracle is in store for my grandfather. His memory is returning.

This weekend he engaged in conversation, not repeating the same story over and over. He could bring my grandma the things she asked for. He knew how to play our traditional game of Hearts. And, he told the stories from his childhood again.

Hope against hope, I pray these improvements last, that we can have as many years as possible with this man who brightens our lives. I pray he is given the dignity of keeping his memory until his final days. And, I give thanks for this miraculous turn around.

Daily Journey Journal #348: mother’s day

From May 10, 2015

You are the wisest person I know,

The most considerate and compassionate.

Your experiences span worlds,

Cross mountains, bridge valleys.

There is no problem to which

You have no solution,

No need which

You do not answer.

Your selflessness as touched

Countless lives,

Changing them for the better.

Your energy inspires,

Your passion encourages,

Your belief unites,

And your kindness brings joy.

You are my Mother

And for that, I know I am lucky.

Never will there be another

As wise, as kind, as inspiring,

As passionate and energetic,

As wonderful

As you.

Daily Journey Journal #331: remember

From April 23, 2015

It seems hard to believe that six years have passed. It seems hard to believe that the pain is no longer as sharp, the grief no longer as dark.

It seems hard to believe that we have all continued to exist, to live, but you have not.

Today, I want to tell you that though the holes in our world have shrunken and the tears have dried, you are still in our hearts. Our memories may begin to fade, but you will not be forgotten. Our grief has stepped aside for joys and in those joys we think of you and the happy memories we shared. Each year that passes, the grief will lessen. But you will never lessen in our minds.

Today, I want to tell you that I miss you. That we all miss you. And, that we always will. There was so much life ahead of you and for as long as I live, I will always grieve for the years that should have been for you.

Rest in peace, knowing you will forever be in our hearts.