Daily Journey Journal #365: end of a journey

Today is the day: the one year anniversary of the Daily Journey Journal Project. When I started the project last year, it was my intention to post once a day for a whole year. I fell slightly short of my goal in that some posts, particularly these last couple of months, were not exactly timely. But, here we are 365 posts later (better late than never, right?) and the project is looking at its end. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I would make it a year; I wasn’t sure if I would continue past a year. Today, I can look back and say that while making it through the year was difficult, it was worth it. I can also say that after today, the Daily Journey Journal project will come to an end, at least for now.

Rather than lament all the reasons for not continuing the project for another year, I would rather look back on my 24th year of life and all that this journal captured for me. It has been an amazing year and I am so thankful that I could share it with some many wonderful people in both the real and virtual world.

The Daily Journey Journal started while I was living in South Korea as an English teacher. It traveled with me throughout Asia and took me back home, helped me through a stressful job search and the first few months of a new career. It found me in the highest and the lowest of spirits, feeling at times more confident than I ever have and at other times feeling more lost than I could possibly imagine.

Today, the start of my next year of life, finds me surrounded with family, reunited with my brother and enjoying the time we have together. If there is anything I have learned this last year it is that the pull of adventure often necessitates leaving behind those you love most. When opportunity affords you the chance, spend every second with those you miss before adventure carries you on.

This next year, I have little idea of the adventure to come, but I know that whatever it is will help me to figure out what path I most want to follow in life. In my first Daily Journey Journal post last year, I wrote about who I was that day. Reading it now, I see that I am not the person I was a year ago. That goofy, weird oddball is still there, but looking in the mirror today, I see someone else, someone looking for an answer to a question yet to be asked. And so, this next year I am setting out to discover what that question is and to find the answer.

In the meantime, I’ll pop in periodically to catch up. Until then, thank you for stopping by, for your encouragement and comments, for your positivity and time.

All the best,



Daily Journey Journal #364: no one watching

Dance, like no one is watching

Because in the end

They won’t remember the mis-steps,

They won’t remember the mistakes.

They won’t remember the music

Or the words,

The dress that you wore

Or the shoes as they slid.

They’ll remember your smile,

Your laughter,

Your joy

And the light in your eyes.

They’ll remember that you danced

Like no one was watching,

And that is all that matters.

Daily Journey Journal #351: in search of

From May 13, 2015

ISO: A fine, white sand beach at sunset, the sky turning from brilliant orange to blue.

ISO: A crystal vase, the glass fogged with age and engraved with… roses.

ISO: A house set back from the road, painted…blue?

ISO: The gentle curves of someone’s face…yours? And eyes so…

ISO: The memories slipping through my fingers like fine, white sand.

Daily Journey Journal #314: new family

From April 6, 2015

Family is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I never went through the teenage phase of disliking my family, of shunning them or being rude. My family was the one group of people I felt comfortable with no matter what and I continue to be close to them today. There is something safe about sharing memories and stories, about surviving the good and bad, about being connected in ways that you cannot see. I love the ties that link me to them.

Because of this closeness with my family, it is important to me to also feel close to A’s family. I have heard awful stories about in-laws and spouses not getting along and I think that would just be so hard for everyone involved. It would put people in awkward positions and I could never make the man I love pick between me and my family. Fortunately, this won’t be the case for me and A’s family. Not at all!

Over the last five years, I have gotten to know them and learned their family stories. We’ve begun to have our own intertwined stories from the last few years, memories that we now share and will remember for many years to come. They have treated me like family from the beginning of my relationship with A and as we were Skyping with them tonight, I couldn’t help but feel so lucky that I am becoming part of such a caring family.

Daily Journey Journal #311: not far from the tree

From April 3, 2015

As a kid, I always felt like I was more similar to my dad than my mum. I wasn’t as high energy as she and my brother were and didn’t enjoy the outdoors even close to as much. I liked things to be nice and neat while slightly pell-mell was more of Mum’s style. The older I’ve become however, the more I realize how much I am like my mum. At times, our similarities freak my dad out because our mannerisms are so similar that sometimes when I am talking to my dad it brings up memories of my mum talking to him.

Personality wise, my mum and I are a two peas in a pod. I have become far more energetic than I was as a kid and love being in the outdoors more than anything. For both Mum and I interacting with people is the most rewarding part of life and we both have a huge capacity for empathy. We could both spend hours chatting with friends, new and old, over lattes and not even notice how much time had passed.

Tonight over dinner, Mum and I also realized one other similarity: we both have an incredible fear of boredom and non-productivity. While we enjoy an evening or day of chilling with no agenda, most of the time we need and seek out structure to our days. The thought of idleness without end fills us with dread. Consequently, we fill our days until they are at the point of exploding. For us, we’d rather too much was happening than not enough. It seems than in some things, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.