RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku #22

The words this week for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge were great! I had a lot of fun with them, particularly because they made me reflect on relationships and the choices I made along the way.


Young Love

I am yours today,

For a time we’ll belong,

Then away I’ll run


Free Rein

Away I run, fast,

Like the wind to the mountain,

I do not belong


New Paths

My fickle heart beats

Next to yours, running no more,

To you it belongs






RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku #21

Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenges are one of my favorite challenges on WordPress. I especially liked this week’s challenge: revenge and view.

Friends and foes alike,

Seek not revenge; seek to change

Your views of each other


RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku #12

Middle School

Creatures of study,

Cramming hard, I send you luck,

On these tests for life

The words this week for Ronovan’s Haiku Challenge were Study and Creature, which immediately made me think of my weary middle school students who are studying their hearts out for their upcoming exams. These exams determine so much of their futures. The scores determine their high schools which in turn determine their universities and future careers. Good luck to them!

The beauty of books

Lately, I’ve found myself wandering deeply through the pages of books, getting lost in the world they contain. I love this feeling and always crave it when the story comes to an end. This feeling was the inspiration for my haiku for Ronovan’s challenge this week. The prompt was: Create & Destroy.

Stories, beautiful

Creations where destruction

Is but quiet words

RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku #7

I am new to doing Ronovan’s challenge and happened to stumble upon it by chance. The haiku is one of my favorite forms to write (admittedly however, this one deviates ever so slightly) and when I saw the challenge I was super psyched to join in the fun. The words for this week are: pain & peace.


To write is both my

greatest peace and greatest pain,

word by word, line by line