Daily Journey Journal #56: Survival Plan

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

~ Walt Whitman

It’s summer vacation in Korea and that means swimming pools, endless cell phone games and some much needed relaxation.

Only, not.

Swimming pools and cell phones may be part of the picture, but for most Korean students, summer vacation is about shoring up academic weaknesses, catching up and getting ahead. Summer vacation is time for extra lessons, and lots of them.

Our school is shifting schedules for the next month and expanding the number of classes offered to meet the needs of our students (or, more correctly, the expectations of their parents). As such, our class loads are about to get intense and becoming a workaholic is pretty much not an option: it will happen. The majority of our days over the next four weeks will be spent at school and our much beloved personal time will be drastically decreased. To help deal with this frustration and the almost inevitable burn out, I’m making a plan here and now to stay positive and look at this in the best light possible. Negativity will only make things more difficult.

Survival Plan

Get out of bed

And pull on that smile

Go for a run,

Even just for a mile

Drink coffee

And eat right

Remember too,

To keep that mind light

Look for the positive

And don’t dwell on troubles

It’s up to you

To build that happy bubble

Read a few pages

And maybe try to meditate?

Relax before bed

And get there before too late!

Remember now

This isn’t forever

A few short weeks

And you’re closer to new endeavors

Last but not least

Do not sigh, do not cry

Enjoy these moments

Before it’s time to say goodbye