Everyday Trifles: Blair Wallis

Oh dear! Oh me! Oh my!

I almost forgot that today is Thursday, which means it is time for my daily feature! Fortunately, I remembered and it is better a tad bit late than never, right?

This week’s feature is from Blair Wallis, a rock formation/hilly area east of Laramie that happens to be one of my dad’s favorite spots. We had a chilly, windy wander through the snow and trees, which was quite refreshing. More about our outing can be found on the post from last weekend. In the meantime, I give you Blair Wallis.

Everyday Trifles: Inside adventures

Usually for the Everyday Trifles feature I post pictures from my latest outing, whether that be some where new and exciting or just in my own backyard. The last couple of weeks however, I’ve been trapped inside due to weather and an 8-5 schedule. So, instead of taking photos (which I miss very much and plan to amend ASAP) I have been teaching myself Adobe Illustrator for work. I am having an absolute blast doing this, so this week my feature is of this new adventure into technology/software land.

Next week I’ll be back with pictures!