Daily Journey Journal #357: differents

From May 19, 2015

Prompt from 642 Tiny Things to Write About

3 ways my brother and I are completely different

  1. I am a neat-nick and rather type A. My brother doesn’t mind a mess and flies by the seat of his pants, making a plan as he goes. He is a much freer spirit.
  2. My brother adores insects, reptiles and amphibians. He wanted to be an entomologist when he was a kid. I generally run away screaming anytime I come in close proximity to any of these creatures and could think of no greater punishment than studying bugs for a lifetime.
  3. My brother LOVES sugar. We joke that he runs on sugar and nothing else. Whereas I can’t do too much sugar, especially not in the morning, he can hardly function if he hasn’t had a heaping amount sugar-coated breakfast.

Two days and counting until my brother is home again! Mayhaps I should bring some sugary goodness with me to welcome him home…Micronesia wasn’t quite as sugar laden as the US…


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