Daily Journey Journal #355: a family miracle

From May 17, 2015

A couple of winters ago, my grandfather’s memory took a drastic turn for the worse. Until that point he had had an incredibly sharp mind, capable of remembering detailed information about almost anything, his favorite topics being WWII, his childhood, rules for dozens of card games and observations of societal changes. His mind was like an encyclopedia.

And then it slipped away.

He couldn’t remember what he was doing when asked to get something from another room. He couldn’t remember the rules for card games he’d been playing his whole life. He couldn’t remember any new information.

The changes were alarming and I worried that we were about to lose him down the foggy road into dementia. It happened to A’s grandmothers. It happened to the father of a family friend. It happens all too often today.

But, it seems a miracle is in store for my grandfather. His memory is returning.

This weekend he engaged in conversation, not repeating the same story over and over. He could bring my grandma the things she asked for. He knew how to play our traditional game of Hearts. And, he told the stories from his childhood again.

Hope against hope, I pray these improvements last, that we can have as many years as possible with this man who brightens our lives. I pray he is given the dignity of keeping his memory until his final days. And, I give thanks for this miraculous turn around.


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