Daily Journey Journal #347: reconnect

From May 9, 2015

Since moving home from Korea six months ago, time has flown. The days run into one another, the weeks gone in the blink of an eye. In all of the busy-ness, I feel like A and I hardly see one another. I work an 8-5 shift while he works an 11:30-7:30 shift, including every other weekend. With classes and coaching, evening activities and events, our schedules are just off enough that spending quality time together is becoming a rarity. Of all the changes in the last year, this one has been the most difficult to adjust to.

This weekend though, we were given a chance to reconnect, to spend the day together doing the things we love best- chatting, running, drinking coffee and talking of the future. The bridges that have kept us in contact came crashing down, our courses running together once more, constructed connections no longer necessary.



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