Daily Journey Journal #330: chicken bones

From April 22, 2015

When it comes to food and being healthy, I’m all for eating what makes you feel good. Everyone’s body is different and while we all need the same basic nutrients to be healthy, we don’t necessarily have to get those nutrients the same way. For me, a plant-based diet works best and makes my body feel healthiest. While being a vegetarian works for me, I understand completely that it isn’t for everyone and have no issue with diets that include animal sources. It doesn’t bother me to see cooked meat, for it to be consumed around me, to smell it cooking. Really, the only thing I have trouble with is raw meat. Oh, and the sound of chicken bones being cracked into pieces, as I discovered today.

I work for a program that provides food and nutrition classes for low-income families and individuals. One of the things we teach is how to use an entire chicken, rather than just buying parts, the idea being that it is more cost effective to buy and use the whole chicken. Well, today for our new educators, we had the chicken piecing lessons and let me just say, I didn’t last long. Raw meat combined with that lovely cracking of kitchen scissors going through bone was enough to convince me that people who handle meat are indeed super heroes. I applaud our new educators in completing the lesson and learning a valuable life skill that they can pass onto others. And, I apologize for not staying to take photos of you conquering the lesson.


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