All in the blink of an eye

A month has come now and the ever blinking cursor has stood by, awaiting the return of my fingers to the keyboard. But, no words have come. At least, not onto the page. Words, fragments of stories, simple lines of thought have come, filling my mind, but they have yet to make it onto the page. Life, in its varied blur of  happenings has kept my fingers busy on other keyboards, writing and creating for purposes beyond myself.

Often, in the last month, I’ve contemplated saying goodbye to the wonderful blogging world I’ve met here. I lost the time I once had for daily writing, lost the stories that filled my life in all its colorfulness, lost my momentum. But today, letting it go just didn’t seem possible anymore. The time will return in a few short days. The stories are there, if I look for them. The momentum can start again, if I get the ball rolling.

And so today, I am going to start that ball rolling again. The cursor awaits patiently, seeking out the words buried in my mind.



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