Daily Journey Journal #323: spring winter

It snowed today, big fat flakes that make me think of winter. The town, only mere hours before a budding spring paradise, looks like a Christmas scene, everything blanketed in heavy, wet snow. But, we all know, it is a spring snow, so dense it breaks shovels and snaps off tree limbs if too much falls.

Today, the snow is our heart-breaker, a damper on our spirits and a heavy weight on our hopes. This summer though, it will be our savior, a line of defense between us and the drought that turns our prairies yellow and deprives our forests of water. It may be the storm that helps ward off the hunger of fires, the choking smoke of raging flames. Today, some may despise the snow, but that is not me. Today, I rejoice and cross my fingers for more, for enough to keep us green all the summer long.


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