Daily Journey Journal #315: not true

From April 7, 2015

Last night I went to a birthday party. I had too much to drink. I decided to drive home. The police pulled me over and now I am in jail with a DUI. And, I have a cold. I called my grandma this morning to ask for $1700 for bail. She said she would forward me the money except…

None of this is true. None of this.

This is in fact a scam in the form of a phone call that my grandma received this morning.

This is the story the scam artist told my grandma.

This is the story my grandma did not believe.

My grandma, being sharp and skeptical, told ‘me’ to call my father and then hug up before promptly calling my dad. Unfortunately, however, many grandparents do fall for this scam and it breaks my heart.  Not very many things really tick me off, but this is one of the few. It makes me so mad that these scam artists decide to prey on the elderly, to concoct these stories that hit them in such a vulnerable spot. It frustrates me because so many grandparents don’t have these exorbitant funds to spare but don’t want to deny their ‘grandchildren’ who are in trouble. While I am so thankful that my grandma saw through this story, I find myself wondering how many people fell for these stories today. I wishing there was some way to prevent this from happening, a better way to protect our grandparents who want to protect us.



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