Daily Journey Journal #314: new family

From April 6, 2015

Family is one of my most favorite things in the whole world. I never went through the teenage phase of disliking my family, of shunning them or being rude. My family was the one group of people I felt comfortable with no matter what and I continue to be close to them today. There is something safe about sharing memories and stories, about surviving the good and bad, about being connected in ways that you cannot see. I love the ties that link me to them.

Because of this closeness with my family, it is important to me to also feel close to A’s family. I have heard awful stories about in-laws and spouses not getting along and I think that would just be so hard for everyone involved. It would put people in awkward positions and I could never make the man I love pick between me and my family. Fortunately, this won’t be the case for me and A’s family. Not at all!

Over the last five years, I have gotten to know them and learned their family stories. We’ve begun to have our own intertwined stories from the last few years, memories that we now share and will remember for many years to come. They have treated me like family from the beginning of my relationship with A and as we were Skyping with them tonight, I couldn’t help but feel so lucky that I am becoming part of such a caring family.


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