Daily Journey Journal #312: on the right path

From April 4, 2015

My best friend from childhood is an incredibly talented musician and always has been. When we were young, she was always singing or humming and spent hours each week practicing the piano. As we grew up it seemed that there wasn’t an instrument that she couldn’t play. She just had a natural talent for anything and everything musical.

It has been many years now since I have heard her perform, but in a few short weeks she will be graduating with a degree in jazz composition. In honor of the occasion, she had a senior recital today and her work simply blew me away. Her abilities went far beyond the boundaries of jazz and carried into pieces for choir, orchestra and multiple ensembles. While she mostly played saxophone, she also sang. Her voice has changed so much since we were kids, and while I can still hear the familiarities from childhood, she can do things with it now that I never knew were possible. Like all of her compositions, her voice has the power to reach out and pull her audience in. It makes you feel what she was feeling while composing. Her voice is one of the most beautiful I have ever heard and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to hear it.

Today, I could not be more proud of the girl who has been like a sister to me for almost twenty-three years. She is a fantastic musician and I know that with her talent, she will go wherever her heart desires.


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