Daily Journey Journal #311: not far from the tree

From April 3, 2015

As a kid, I always felt like I was more similar to my dad than my mum. I wasn’t as high energy as she and my brother were and didn’t enjoy the outdoors even close to as much. I liked things to be nice and neat while slightly pell-mell was more of Mum’s style. The older I’ve become however, the more I realize how much I am like my mum. At times, our similarities freak my dad out because our mannerisms are so similar that sometimes when I am talking to my dad it brings up memories of my mum talking to him.

Personality wise, my mum and I are a two peas in a pod. I have become far more energetic than I was as a kid and love being in the outdoors more than anything. For both Mum and I interacting with people is the most rewarding part of life and we both have a huge capacity for empathy. We could both spend hours chatting with friends, new and old, over lattes and not even notice how much time had passed.

Tonight over dinner, Mum and I also realized one other similarity: we both have an incredible fear of boredom and non-productivity. While we enjoy an evening or day of chilling with no agenda, most of the time we need and seek out structure to our days. The thought of idleness without end fills us with dread. Consequently, we fill our days until they are at the point of exploding. For us, we’d rather too much was happening than not enough. It seems than in some things, the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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