Daily Journey Journal #310: not summer yet

It is spring in Laramie which means beautiful weather one day and snow the next. Today, after such lovely weather the last two weeks, the weather man just had to change things up with a fine blowing snow storm. To me, this is normal, but I forget that this weather situation is abnormal to A. So, this morning when I woke up, our house was freezing. My fingers and toes were ice the second I left the warm cocoon of the bed. I realized then that A had thought the nice weather was here to stay, and so had shut off the heat.

I must say that in all my years of living here, I am not sure I have ever completely shut off the heat. It is just one of those things I would never think to do, especially not until at least mid-June, if then. Our weather is so unpredictable and the difference between day time and night time temperatures can be drastic. To me, this seems like a completely common thing, but this morning was a nice reminder that no matter where you live, you have new things to learn. For A, Laramie is new enough that we are re-learning things together, one bizarre season at a time.


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