Daily Journey Journal #303: productivity

From March 26, 2015

Productivity, that wonderful high that comes from getting things done. In some ways, I thrive off of that feeling. I love working through projects, checking the to-dos off my list and seeing nothing turn into something. Today was a fantastic day because it was a productivity filled day.

Last week, being spring break, I had no classes and decided against doing homework, so this week has been extra busy. Consequently, I went straight from work to the library this afternoon to start on a class project. Three hours later I was so hungry I thought I might pass out, but my project was well underway. My vision may have been slightly blurry, but there was a major spring in my step. I’d hit the productivity high and it propelled me all the way home. Now, for some dinner and continuing on the productive road before my energy is totally sapped!



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