Daily Journey Journal #300: addressing the itch

From March 23, 2015

The wanderlust bug has me bad. Try as I might to ignore it, my ears are always tuned in, listening for our next adventure. In my mind, I am always searching through the opportunities I know are out there, waiting to explore.

Until today, I had not acted upon this need to wander, but that is no more. I came to the conclusion today that it is absurd to deny myself the pursuit of dreams and hopes, or to even consider them seriously. So, tonight I decided to investigate an opportunity encouraged by my previous university adviser. When we met up in December, we discussed the possibility of me attending graduate school at an international school. He sent me some information to consider, but I put off exploring it because I wasn’t sure I was ready for graduate school, or if I even wanted to pursue a master’s degree. But today, as I was mulling all of this over for the thousandth time, I concluded that if I didn’t explore this possibility, I would never know if I was ready or if I wanted to take this path.

And so, I’ve started my exploration of a master’s program. If nothing else, it will help me to see what path I really want to follow. Here’s to finding a new path!


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