Daily Journey Journal #295: endorphins, please

From March 18, 2015

Grey skies overhead and the wind is blowing, but the ice has melted and the snow has vanished from the sidewalks. The air itself is warm, even if the wind is not. I feel like flying along, the wind in my face and running just isn’t going to do that today. So, I dig through the closet and pull out my roller blades.

Roller blading has always been something my mum and I do together, sometimes with my little brother. She started my little brother and me on roller blades when we were in elementary school. We had matching ones with magenta wheels and purple insides. The wheels were a bit dodgy, but we loved them. We used to go to school on them, my brother forgetting his shoes at home on more than one occasion. In the summers, Mum would roller blade with us over the uneven, sketchy sidewalks to the park.

It’s been probably two years since I last used my current roller blades. I’ve had them since I was in junior high and have used them some for cross training when my legs hurt too much to run. Today, I just want to feel the ground bumping beneath the wheels and the strength that fills my body when I push off from side to side.

So, I call my mum and off we go to the greenbelt. The path is still fairly smooth, despite the brutal freeze and thaw cycles that destroy the streets. The motion comes right back to us and We sail along, chatting and getting the most out of the dreary spring day in the best way possible- going outside and being active. Endorphins?

Yes, please!


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