Daily Journey Journal #293: quiet day

During university, my roommate could always tell when I was in the zone, completely focused on something. My hair would be tied back, I wouldn’t be wandering the house and my mind was so far elsewhere that it would take a minute for me to surface if someone talked to me. These habits have carried over into my professional life, but as of late, I have found it difficult to get into the zone. It isn’t that I’m not interested in what I am doing- precisely the opposite, actually. Rather, it is that I can never even get close to being that focused because I share an office.

My office mate has good intentions and a great many positive qualities. Unfortunately, she is a major, MAJOR talker. If she isn’t sharing about her life, then she is talking to herself as she goes through her work. Normally, I don’t mind the companionship and chatter here and there. But, her talking  goes above and beyond my ability to filter out background noise. With her constant interludes into my thoughts, focusing intently just isn’t within the realm of possibility.

The last few days, however, she has been out of town. The university has all but become a ghost-town for spring break, and most everyone else left is happily working in solitude. Thus, for me, the days have been amazing! I have been so focused and productive, and am making break-throughs on the projects that had me stalled. It feels like I am finally finding my stride, learning the ropes and helping the organization. The last three days I think I have accomplished more than most any other week and I am just thriving. It seems that in order for me do the best that I can, a certain level of quiet is necessary. We’ll see if I can encourage more quiet tomorrow, when my office mate returns.


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