Daily Journey Journal #288: saving daylight

From March 11, 2015


It is back, returning in glorious golden rays, bringing beautiful blue skies and the birds from the south. Song and light fill the days, brightness empties the dark corners of late, warmth thaws the icy hold on our energy.

Spring, it is coming, and I could not be happier.

So many people say they hate daylight savings time. It messes with schedules, makes it harder to get up and go to bed, makes people loopy. But, I say, these slight discomforts are for only a few days, and the payoff is so worth it! I love having hours of light left when I get off work instead of walking home at sunset. I love the way the sun seems stronger and brightens every room. I love the energy that has come out of hibernation.

In short, I just love the return of long, sun-filled days. I would gladly sacrifice any amount of sleep to have more light when it can be most enjoyed. Make me tired, make me confused, but just let me have the sun and I will smile.


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