Daily Journey Journal #287: a happily ever after

From March 10, 2015

People sometimes say that marriage is dead in the United States. The statistics don’t exactly paint a pretty picture, but over the last few days while trying to find a venue for our wedding, I discovered how much the idea of marriage still fills people with joy. The pessimistic part of society says why bother with marriage when it likely will end in court, but not so the optimistic part of society. The optimistic side cheers on the married-to-be, as I found during phone call after phone call.

A and I have decided on August as our wedding date. August is a mere five months away and it seems that half of town is getting married over those four weekends. Thus, almost every place I have called the last couple of days has already been booked, but the people I spoke to at the various venues were so incredibly kind. Every single person offered me ideas for other places to call, gave me phone numbers for those places and wished me luck.

To me, such gestures are beautiful. I was so surprised at the kindness and happiness in their voices, at their suggestions that would bring no monetary impact to their businesses, at their well wishes for perfect strangers.  It helped make a slight stressful search less so and helped keep the positive energy flowing.


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