Daily Journey Journal #283: hints of spring

From March 6, 2015

Hints of spring are starting to seep through the chill of winter. The wind is not quite as cold, the sky not quite as pale. Over the last couple of days the temperatures have been almost balmy and the sun warm. It feels like spring could come.

But, I know it won’t.

Spring is just teasing me, like it does every year. It will still be weeks before spring comes to Wyoming, if it comes at all. On days like today however, it doesn’t hurt to pretend that winter is almost over. Especially because this spring there is so much to look forward to.

Besides the return of warmer days and gentler winds, more sunlight and amazing outdoor time, spring means the return of my little brother to the United States. By the time we are reunited in May, it will have been nearly two years since we last saw one another. Two years is such a long time, an almost unbelievable time, when I think about it. Never before have we been separated for so long, but the adventurous spirit being what it is, took us in different ways at different times.

While the countdown until his arrival has not yet begun, I am happily anticipating his return. I have found that for me, home is not quite home without him. For now however, I just have to keep going through the days and cross my fingers that when it comes time for him to fly into Denver, spring will have actually come. A snow storm would just be plain old brutal after a year in the tropics.


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