Daily Journey Journal #278: learn like a kid

Today was the last day of the kids’ ski program and it was a perfect day for it. The weather cooperated for us, which meant we could have one last long ski together. And, what a ski it was.

When we started class six weeks ago, no one could put on their own skis. It took us a good twenty minutes that first day to get everyone’s gear on and skis pointed down the trail. We went maybe a mile, spending the majority of our time falling in the snow every few steps and trying to learn how to untangle ourselves from tree roots and snowbanks. One girl took off her skis to go both up and down hills. One boy stopped only when he ran into something and fell over.

Today, the picture couldn’t have been more different. All the students had their skis on before I even arrived and had them check in. They took off down the trails, steady on their skis and quick to stand up when they fell. They were excited to retrace trails from the previous weeks and even more excited to try a new route. They went up and down hills like they were nothing. All those fears, all those insecurities, all those difficulties from day one were gone. Today, they weren’t learning how to ski.

Today, they were skiers.

We only had four lessons together, so if there is any credit to be given for the students’ rapid progression, it is to themselves. They learned how to ski simply by being kids and from them I learned how to learn better by watching them watching me.

10 ways to learn better

  1. adapt quickly
  2. overcome your fears
  3. be determined
  4. stand up when you fall down
  5. be confident even when you have no idea what you are doing
  6. befriend someone you just met
  7. be observant
  8. trust yourself
  9.  try new things
  10. enjoy something, even if it is difficult

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