Daily Journey Journal #276: about those movie ratings…

From February 27, 2015

You know that moment when you realized you’ve misjudged something and that it was a total, one-hundred percent mistake?

That is pretty much me every single time I pick out a movie to rent. I have this habit of picking the corniest, dumbest, biggest flop, or most awkward movies possible. Somehow, I managed to convince myself that whatever the back cover says sounds good and that even if it sounds odd, it will be great.

Nine times out of ten I am wrong. Like tonight.

Tonight’s movie choice was by a director of a movie I happen to adore, so even though the description was a little non-informative, I figured it would be just fine. I noticed that the film was rated R, but didn’t bother to see why. This was my downfall. It wouldn’t have been so bad, had it just been me and A, but we were watching the movie with my dad and J, which left me sitting on the couch, covering my eyes saying, Why, oh why didn’t I look?!

The movie starts, essentially, with a character watching porn, and said porn is shared with the viewers. A looked at me, horrified, then downed his glass of wine, turned to my dad and asked for a refill. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING more awkward than a seeing and hearing sexuality while movie-watching with your parents or with your significant other’s parents.

And, to make the whole experience that much more horrid, the movie did not cease with such scenes. My dad found the whole thing highly amusing while A thoroughly enjoyed his wine. J, meanwhile, sat crocheting and smiling, reassuring me that I wasn’t to blame (she too has found herself the chooser of awkward movies for family time). Some things, however, aren’t forgotten easily and I am just sure that this lovely experience will be one of them.


Note to self: always, Always, ALWAYS read the rating for a movie. Always.


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