Daily Journey Journal #306: buds

Buds sprout in the sun,
Soft small pods blooming with life
Ushering in spring


Daily Journey Journal #304: not normal

From March 27, 2015

The snows are nearly all melted, the grasses unflattening themselves from the beds made by elk. Water runs across the fields, filling the ponds and overrunning the beaver dams. Flowers have already begun to bloom, purple and yellow.

It is March.

This is not normal.

This winter was so mild, in comparison to the winters of my childhood. The snows were less frequent, less lasting, the cold snaps shorter and seldom. We all kept waiting for real winter to happen, for those snow storms that leave all the roads in and out of town closed for days, for the winds that create blizzards, for the lasting colds that linger for weeks. But, it seems that winter has decided to head out early, leaving us in the dry windiness of spring without enough snow to last.

The warm, sunny days are greatly appreciated, as are the cleared paths in the mountains, but the beauty is alarming this time of year. It has me worried about the summer and the fires that have become the normal plague of the warm season. There is so much water now that by July and August it will be gone, dried to dust and the shrubs with it.

Today, as we run freely through the hills, I rejoice in being back running on the trails, but I can’t help but wonder if we’ll be able to do the same this summer. All I can hope is that our beloved hills and mountains, our prairies and plains, stay safe and that before summer really comes, we get another storm. A storm that will break our hearts, yes, but that will give us the water we need to stay safe all summer long.

Daily Journey Journal #303: productivity

From March 26, 2015

Productivity, that wonderful high that comes from getting things done. In some ways, I thrive off of that feeling. I love working through projects, checking the to-dos off my list and seeing nothing turn into something. Today was a fantastic day because it was a productivity filled day.

Last week, being spring break, I had no classes and decided against doing homework, so this week has been extra busy. Consequently, I went straight from work to the library this afternoon to start on a class project. Three hours later I was so hungry I thought I might pass out, but my project was well underway. My vision may have been slightly blurry, but there was a major spring in my step. I’d hit the productivity high and it propelled me all the way home. Now, for some dinner and continuing on the productive road before my energy is totally sapped!


Daily Journey Journal #300: addressing the itch

From March 23, 2015

The wanderlust bug has me bad. Try as I might to ignore it, my ears are always tuned in, listening for our next adventure. In my mind, I am always searching through the opportunities I know are out there, waiting to explore.

Until today, I had not acted upon this need to wander, but that is no more. I came to the conclusion today that it is absurd to deny myself the pursuit of dreams and hopes, or to even consider them seriously. So, tonight I decided to investigate an opportunity encouraged by my previous university adviser. When we met up in December, we discussed the possibility of me attending graduate school at an international school. He sent me some information to consider, but I put off exploring it because I wasn’t sure I was ready for graduate school, or if I even wanted to pursue a master’s degree. But today, as I was mulling all of this over for the thousandth time, I concluded that if I didn’t explore this possibility, I would never know if I was ready or if I wanted to take this path.

And so, I’ve started my exploration of a master’s program. If nothing else, it will help me to see what path I really want to follow. Here’s to finding a new path!