Daily Journey Journal #272: dinner for two


From February 23, 2015

In the north, sunshine is a big deal. At least, it is to most people, especially in the winter when the sun’s ray are so angled they sometimes seem to vanish before reaching our eager faces. The sun is particularly important for me because without it I start to sink into the gloom. Seasonal depression is a real thing for many people and sunshine helps to keep it at bay.

Knowing this about myself, when we started looking for places to rent, I had my eye out for windows and a place that didn’t face north. Something southern or eastern facing would be best. We got lucky when we came to see this house. It was perfect- faces east, surrounded by other one-story houses and has great windows in every room.

When I wake up in the morning now, daylight is usually only moments away. By the time I shower and am ready for breakfast, beautiful sunlight fills the living room and I can see pink and orange clouds  over the eastern mountains. It is the perfect start to a day.

In the evenings, the sun comes through the sliding glass door into our kitchen. It fills the room with warmth and brightness and tonight that is how I found myself having dinner sitting atop the dryer, looking out the glass door. A was at work, and as I needed to eat before class, dinner had to be solo. The light coming in the door, however, was so enticing, it seemed the perfect dinner time companion. And so, we settled into the kitchen, watching the sky above the western mountains turn colors and shadows begin to creep across the backyard.


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