Daily Journey Journal #271: caught up

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The last five or so weeks have been a blur of activity. But, per my lessons learned and self promises, I haven’t been letting the little things stress me out. Sure, I’ve had a number of little projects sitting on the back burner, some hopes and wants left hanging on the line and a few maybes blowing in the breeze, but there were other things that stole my focus: ski instructing, art show, dance classes. All of these brought a lot of happiness to my life and it was worth it to fill my free hours with them.

By the end of this week, however, I was starting to feel a bit like I was burning the candle at both ends and perhaps a bit in the middle too. Fortunately, as fate would have it, this weekend was completely free. Ski classes were cancelled due to the cold temperature, which meant two whole days of time with no demands on the hours. How exciting is that?!

So, what to do? I asked, but what a silly question. With yawns becoming part of my breathing pattern the answer was pretty evident:


Catching up on some hours of solid slumber was much needed and will hopefully have me ready for the coming week. Once I managed to pull myself from the depths of the blanket pile on our bed I enjoyed slow cups of coffee and tea, finished reading a novel and started a new one, went running, puttered around the house, studied Spanish, tidied the house, put together a collection of graphic design scraps that I find fascinating, finished a project for graphic design class, worked on a photo project, read some more and took a nap. Now, here it is Sunday night and I’m happy to say, I am fully caught up on all the little projects, have met my hopes and wishes, and turned the maybes into yeses. It feels good the end the week on a successful note with nothing waiting for an open hour.

With that, I’ll bid you all a lovely evening! I hope your coming week is full of successes and positives, that you feel empowered in your day-to-day life and that you can do something that will bring you joy.


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