Daily Journey Journal #270: morning glory

Stay please,
I beg,
Let the hours not pass to day
And on to night.
Stay please,
And be the day,
Fill the hours
And the long night.
Stay please,
With your light
Your freshness,
Your simplicity and beginnings.
Stay please,
Letting the moments stretch,
Filling the hours
With new day’s energy.
Stay, please
I beg.
Stay and let today be only


2 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #270: morning glory

  1. The longing in this poem is palpable , the reader doesnt want the time to end either , happy days Kathy. p.s I make my cocoa with hot milk and reading about it hear makes me want to make me a cup of cocoa asap ha ha. Kathy

    • Thanks 🙂 I sometimes just want time to freeze so that the feeling I have during a specific period of time lasts all day 🙂 Morning is when I feel like the day has the most energy and potential so in the winter, I don’t want morning to end! 🙂 A sure loves his hot cocoa. I’m not much of a hot cocoa drinker, but sometimes it really does hit the spot 🙂

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