Daily Journey Journal #269: it’s all in the process

A is not a very particular person when it comes to most things, but there are a few things about which he is especially particular and hot cocoa is one of them. For A, hot cocoa needs to be like drinking liquified hot cocoa powder. Every molecule of water must be infused with cocoa and to achieve this perfection there is a very specific process, which I learned tonight.

First, boil the water. Then, fill a cup with hot cocoa powder so that it covers half of the scoop part of a spoon when the spoon is stood upright in the cup. Once the water has boiled, add barely more than enough to cover the power. Stir vigorously to mix and start working out the clumps. Add a little more water, but don’t fill the cup or it will overflow with all the vigorous stirring. Stir until the clumps are completely gone, then either fill the remainder of the cup with water for sipping the chocolatey beverage, or with milk to cool it off enough to virtually chug it. And voila, A’s perfect cup of cocoa.

As of tonight, I can now say I’ve mastered the art of A’s cocoa process. Woot!


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