Daily Journey Journal #268: thief in the dryer

From February 19, 2015

People say that a person’s clothes and appearance often tell a lot about them. Sometimes, I think this is spot on. My graphic design instructor, for instance, is a pretty chill, quirky person. He has tattoos up his arms, a bright red beard and is prone to wearing layers of hoodies and flannel shirts. To me, his appearance says so much about his philosophy for class and design: be yourself.

Now, I normally don’t pay that much attention to what other people are wearing, but our instructor’s dress is so unusual compared to so many other instructors that it just sort of sticks out to me. And, today it added much amusement to our class.

Thursday morning can be a bit of a downer in our morning class. Everyone seems a bit out of it and is already looking forward to the weekend. Our instructor, however, was quite lively on this particular morning. He came to class ready for action and wearing what seemed to be an old Boy Scout shirt, complete with sewn on badges and patches. This didn’t seem odd to anyone, but I noticed what appeared to be a brownish-pink badge dangling from the inside of one of his sleeves, as if it had been sewn onto the inside of the shirt. It seemed odd and a bit uncomfortable to me, but I thought, quirky patches go with quirky shirts, no?

A few minutes later, however, the dangling badge caught the attention of another student. The instructor happened to he standing behind her and as she was sitting at a desk chair, she was at just the right angle to catch a glimpse at the dangling badge.

“Is that a sock?!”

Sure enough, it was a pinkish sock from the instructor’s five-year-old daughter. He simply pulled the sock out of his sleeve, pocketed it and said, “Looks like I need better fabric softener.” Then, he carried on with class, nothing out of the ordinary having occurred.

Except that our hum-drum morning was now infinitely better, humor having pulled us from our stupors.


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