Daily Journey Journal #266: glacially freezing

There you are, sliding around the surface of a beautiful pond. It’s a chilly winter day, but not enough to keep you inside. Your feet glide along, left, right, left, right. You smile, enjoying the frosted trees and the small, glittering banks of clouds in the meadow.

Suddenly, you hear a CRACK! and you know you’re headed for trouble. The ice breaks and before you can stop yourself you slip into the icy, frigid water. The breath is snatched right from your lungs and you struggle to breathe. Oh, this can’t be happening, you think.

And, it isn’t. It’s all in your head.

The reality is, you went off to work, a bundled little blob and arrived with only mildly wind blasted cheeks and frozen toes. A couple of hours later you decide a nice latte sounds lovely on such a blustery day. So, you pull on your coat and mittens, hat and boots, then head for the door feeling rather toasty in the comfy climate of the great indoors.

And then, you step outside and it is game over.

All toasty-ness is gone. It feels as if you’ve fallen into the frigid pond, as if you will sink in the coldness forever. The wind pulls the breath from your lungs, sweeping it away with such vigor that it leaves you literally gasping for air. You clamp a mittened hand over you mouth and suck in a blast of frozen air, then take a tentative step forward. The path underfoot is so icy that you slip and slid, inch by inch, wondering why you dared leave the office.

When you finally make it to the cafe, you decide to thaw out and sip the latte slowly, mulling over your predicament. Leaving the office, you wondered, hazelnut latte? Or caramel? Latte in hand, the more important question now is: how to survive the journey back to the land of screens and to-do lists?

The answer: very carefully.


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