Daily Journey Journal #256: peas in a pod


From February 7, 2015

I met one of my best friends in the world, MM, the day I moved into the dorms freshman year if university. Awkward, painfully shy and intimidated by just about everyone, I quickly crafted a giant iceberg between me and all my fellow floor mates. MM, however, being the charmingly determined and logical person she is, ignored the iceberg, walked right over it and proceeded to melt it with her sweetness and hand of friendship. She pulled me into conversations about our classes and offered tid-bits about her life, and before I knew it, we were just about inseparable. It is safe to say, my life has never been the same and for that I am so thankful.

MM is the sort of person I would have been incredibly intimated by in high school. She is highly intelligent, driven, enthusiastic, funny, knowledgeable about all sorts of obscure things, devours books like chocolate, loves grammar and is not afraid to talk to most any stranger. She has an amazing knack for befriending just about anyone and her kindness draws people to her. She is the most compassionate and dedicated friend I have ever had in my life and I am happy to say that our friendship has weathered it all- the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

We learned the rough way that it isn’t always wise to live with your best friend. We learned the harder way that living with complete strangers is sometimes even less wise.We learned how to remain loyal, close friends through struggle and strife, stress and frustration. We learned how to support one another in becoming the women we want to be and in following our dreams.

After five years of challenging and learning from each other, I wasn’t sure what would become of us, of the friendship that had changed my life, changed me. It was hard to picture a day-to-day existence without MM nearby. But our paths diverged in a big way, and we took to our feet to wander towards our dreams. And, that was when we learned the most important lesson: how to remain strong friends despite the separation of time and distance.

We didn’t stay in close touch like we hoped we would.

We didn’t talk as much as we thought we would.

We didn’t do all the things people say you have to do to stay close over distance.

But, none of that mattered.

In a whirlwind visit today, we found that sometimes distance has no effect on friendship and that picking up where you left off is as easy as remembering to ride a bike. We still know each other almost better than we know ourselves, still share that nearly simultaneous brainwave that let’s us know what the other is thinking, still share the quirks that brought us together six, almost seven years ago.

We are still two peas in a pod, and will be for the rest of our lives. The pod might just have to stretch a bit to keep us together.



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