Daily Journey Journal #253: Spanish 1010

From February 4, 2015

Language is a beautiful thing. It opens doors to new places, new insights, new perspectives. Learning multiple languages is one of the most important things you can learn, at least in my opinion, because it opens up possibilities that you never knew existed and it makes you more aware of the world beyond your own.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who practically absorbs language. It would be so amazing to be able to talk to people all over the world and to be confident doing so. Alas, I am not a super language sponge, but rather I tend to slog through it, letting bits of it cling to me and then collect the pieces into a shamble of knowledge. This manner of learning doesn’t lend itself to making me particularly confident when speaking a language besides English, but I am not daunted by it either. In fact, I find learning another language to be incredibly enjoyable, so much so that I am starting learning a second foreign language: Spanish.

This week marked the start of my first semester long Spanish course, and I am just loving it. The instructor is fantastically energetic and interesting, and having studied French for 10 years, I’m finding many similarities between the two languages. What I am loving most however, is the insight into many Spanish speaking countries, of which the instructor has visited almost all. He is consequently full of travel stories and I love hearing about all his (mis)adventures in South America. They open a new door of possibility for me to pond and I think I might just know where our next grand adventure might take us…




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