Daily Journey Journal #247: start again

Bright white walls. Finished cement floors. High ceilings. Natural light. Long, wide tables. Computer stations.

The room has an at ease, yet productive quality about it, like the way a newly cleaned kitchen looks on the precipice of a baking project. Everything is ready for incredible creation to begin.

I’m still unsure of what to expect, feeling slightly awkward in my identity at this moment. The way I see myself is not the way others see me and I am feeling intimidated by this clash of identities and the idea that brought me to this room. The room, however, is helping to sooth my worries. It holds not a glimmer of intimidation, but rather of anticipation.

I settle in and am immediately welcomed by another student, conversation filling the spaces between perceptions. Our professor joins in the conversations upon his arrival, and I know immediately that this was the right choice to make. He is calm and encouraging, there to help us succeed in pursuing whatever our hopes and goals may be.

And for me, that hope is to dive into a new area of study and see where it takes me.


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