Daily Journey Journal #244: the grips of wanderlust

Change is one of those things we all handle differently. Some of us freak out, others adjust with little difficulty and for others yet it simply depends on the situation. I tend to fall into the latter category, and have to say, the last couple of months I haven’t handled the changes quite as smoothly as I anticipated. There has been excitement, boredom, frustration, sadness, happiness, relief and, as of today, homesickness for Korea.

I like my new job, I like our house, I love being close to my family and I am enjoying being involved in the community, but there is a fierce, deep ache in my heart for the home we left in Korea. I miss it in a way I could never have anticipated and I think I have been missing it without realizing it. Emotionally, things have felt a bit off, and I thought it was just the indecision and waiting nature of finding a job. But now that’s done and taken care of, and the emotions still haven’t calmed down.

Yes, the comforts of home and familiarity are nice. Yes, I have enjoyed partaking in all the things I missed while in Korea. But, in this moment, I would trade it all for another year abroad. I would pack my bags and be ready to go within the hour. It seems that the wanderlust bug still has me in its grips and I can’t help but wonder how long we’ll last before we’re outward bound again.


3 thoughts on “Daily Journey Journal #244: the grips of wanderlust

  1. The amazing thing is that you can start planning for that again now! Knowing that about yourself, you can plan your life around your desire to travel and not settle down. As you get older, that may all change, so I suggest taking full advantage of it now. I was able to travel the world in my 20s and it left me feeling satisfied to settle down now in my 30s ❀ I actually lived in Korea for 18 months, and I completely understand!

    • That is so cool that you lived in Korea too! πŸ™‚ It is an awesome place and one that I will always cherish.
      I think I will start planning for the next adventure, whatever that may be. There are so many places, so many amazing opportunities to pick from, it is hard to know where I’ll end up. I think that maybe I went for the trying to settle down route a bit too early, but at the same time, I am really enjoying what I’m doing. So, I guess we’ll see what happens. I’ll just have to go with what fills my heart with the most joy πŸ™‚

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