Daily Journey Journal #232: leftover habits

Korea is now fading to a warm, happy memory in my mind, rather than a life I just left, but some parts of my life there have yet to leave me. Some days I just crave spicy, burn-your-tonsils-out food and rolls of kimbap (like sushi, but with no fish). Other days I miss not understanding people and being able to tune out the horrible news blaring from radios and TV stations.

But, I think the things that have stuck the most are the habits I developed. For instance, I still haven’t returned to eating tons of bread and pasta like I did before living in Korea. And, I still tend to think that we need to eat rice multiple times a week. We have also continued to buy almost all produce at the grocery store and not processed food, a habit which I am happy to have stick around.

My weirdest habit from Korea though, is drinking tons and tons of hot water. Now, I think this is not a normal thing for Koreans to do, but our apartment was freezing last winter and we didn’t have a lot of non-caffeinated tea, so I took to drinking mugs of hot water. Even now, with a plethora of tea, I drink between two and six cups of hot water a day. I love the warmth and for some reason, the simplicity of it makes me feel calm and peaceful. I am settled and focused once I have my cup and ready to take on the next thing.

And tonight, that next thing is bed.

See you tomorrow!

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