30 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 14: advice for life

Prompt: What is the one piece of advice you have received that you’ll always carry with you?

“Do what you love.”

That is the advice my parents have given me time and again regarding my future. My dad is not particularly fond of his job for a number of reasons, but basically, because it is not at all engaging or meaningful for him. Going to work in a chore and he is counting the years until retirement when he can do something more interesting.

My mom, on the other hand, has completely embraced this advice in her own life. The year my younger brother finished high school she quit her job as a computer programer and went to grad school for a masters in public health. Since finishing her studies, she has worked for a variety of organizations that she believes in, finding ways to positively influence the community and help people. Whenever she begins to dislike what she is working on, she looks for another opportunity to explore. Some might call this flighty, but I see it as incredibly brave and wise. We only have so much time to live and as working is key to survival, why should we not follow the path that brings us the most happiness?

During my job search a few months ago, I kept this advice close to my heart, hoping that in my deep desire to be working again, I would not settle for something that I would dislike. Now, two weeks may be too short a time to tell for sure, but right now I am nearly 100% sure that I picked the right field for me. The projects I am working on at work fill me with energy and I look forward to heading to the office. It is rewarding to work out the problems I face, to harness my creativity for good and to have a purpose. Right now I feel as if I have made this advice a reality and I hope that it will be a pattern for my future career.
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