Daily Journey Journal #230: lessons from adulthood

Over the last few months I’ve found myself changing, growing slowly from the situations I am facing. Some of these lessons were ones I hoped I would learn eventually, while others have come subtly. As a reflect on my years as a student and the different lessons I learned then and now, I am thankful to be on this part of the path, away from the lessons so centered around stress.

Lessons from Adulthood

  1. don’t sweat the small stuff, be flexible
  2. exercise every day
  3. do what you love
  4. relax and take time to breathe
  5. stand up for yourself
  6. say what is on your mind
  7. don’t be afraid of mistakes
  8. take risks and challenge yourself
  9. you are empowered to make the life you want
  10. accept successes with a smile and see failures as a chance to try again
  11. let things go
  12. keep learning every day

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