Daily Journey Journal #227: a dog will be a dog

From January 9, 2015

My mom called last night to report that her suitcase was packed and that Cooper, her dog, had just eaten a chocolate covered granola bar and two packets of MNMs. So far, he seemed to be fine.

I sighed. Coopie has a habit of snatching things out of zip-lock baggies when no one is looking. The first afternoon we had him he climbed up onto the dinning room table to get a brownie out of a bag. We walked in to find him, all four paws on the table, gobbling that brownie as fast as he could.

Mum and I crossed our fingers that he would be ok. She would be leaving at noon the next day to head to Hawaii with her parents, sister and one brother, leaving Coopie with us. Of all the times for him to bag snatch, this was probably the most ill-timed. He has a bit of a sensitive stomach as it is, and this just didn’t bode well.

A few minutes later she texted. Coopie was puking, and puking prolifically.

Well, I thought, that’s better than a trip to the vet.

Coopie threw up all the chocolate and seemed unphased by it all. A few minutes later he bounded into the house (as well as a blind dog can bound, that is) and then proceeded to beg Mum for her soup. We concluded that he was back to normal and no harm was done.

Now, if we can just keep the bags of yummies well above his sniffing height, we’ll be set.


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