30 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 10: KiwiBee’s Cauldron

Prompt: You are opening a new store in the mall. You can only sell five particular items. What is the name of your store, and what are you selling?

What to sell. What to sell?

My instinct is to say that I would sell office supplies, because I simply love such things. Notebooks, pens, markers, planners, sticky notes…I myself have far too any of them and can’t resist adding to my growing collection on occasion. I love the potential for creation that these things have, but as it is, there are already too many office stores in and around malls.

So, not an office store. I think instead that I would sell jars of happiness. Say what? I know what you are thinking, this girl is CRAZY! But, here’s my idea.

It would be like a build a bear workshop in essence, but with no teddy bear or stuffed animal bodies. Rather, people could get a jar, decorate it in whatever way they desire, and then fill it with the things that make them happy. I would have candy, a photo booth, shiny objects and sculpting clay so that people could fashion the sort of things they love. The jars would then serve as a reminder that happiness is the little things and that sometimes all it takes is a chocolate, a photo or a small trinket to turn things around.

As for the name, I would call it KiwiBee’s Cauldron.


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