30 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 8: In the Shadow of Indiscretions

Prompt: Does an athlete’s or celebrity’s indiscretions overshadow their entire body of work in their respected field? Why or why not?

Athletes, celebrities, and lime-light individuals live and die by their reputation. They are famous because we, the lay-people, choose to honor them with our awe and cast upon them the title of role model, hero or inspiration. As such, I believe very much so that their indiscretions overshadow their entire body of work, especially if the indiscretions are ghastly, and not just in the Hollywood sense. Who cares if someone wore the same dress twice to two different awards? Who cares if their clothes were ugly or their choice of footwear distasteful. I’m talking about true indiscretions, like driving drunk, wreaking havoc for the fun of it, causing other people harm, general ill behavior or worse.

Justin Bieber, is a prime example of this. I have never been a Bieber fan, but to me his bad behavior and lack of consideration for the people around him only detract from his ‘talent’. It doesn’t matter what he sings or does on the stage if he wreaks havoc and endangers others simply so he can have a good time. His personal life decisions reflect the kind of person he is and I would not want my children oo-ing and ah-ing over someone who, in truth, is a horrible role model.

Tiger Woods is another example. Affairs happen all the time, unfortunately, but to have an affair as a public figure, and to do so when one’s wife is pregnant is just beyond repulsive. I didn’t have a much of an opinion one way or another of Woods prior to the media going crazy in his private life, but afterwards, I felt like it didn’t matter if he was the best golf player in the world. As a person, he is lacking in good character and that, to me, overshadows all the golf he could ever play.

In the end, I think that a person’s talent is only as good as the decisions they make outside their body of work. It matters not how talented you are if, as a person, you are lacking in those qualities that make a decent person. For me, I cannot separate the person from the talent. They are one and the same, and as such, their reputation depends on both.


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