Daily Journey Journal #224: crack of dawn

January is often the cruelest month of the year because it always seems so unbearably long. The holidays are over and it is simply dark so much of time, at least in Wyoming. Others may disagree with me on this (in fact, come May when it is still snowing and cold, I may disagree with this), but the prolonged darkness does make the month hard.

Yesterday I started my new job and for the first time in a great many years, I am finding myself awake before the sun has even risen. Everything is still dark and quiet at that time of morning, and perhaps it is just jitters about the new job, but I am discovering that I am enjoying being awake in the early hours.

In high school, I was not a morning person. Not in the slightest. It took me a good hour of hardly moving, staring at my toast and sipping coffee to become even remotely functional. During college, I only had one 8 a.m. class my first semester and after that I was rarely on campus before 9 a.m., meaning I could wake up at 7 or 7:30 or 7:45…

Now, however, I’m finding myself awake and alert at the cheery hour of 5:30. The second my alarm goes off sleep sidles away to A’s side of the bed to keep him company while I wander about, preparing for the day. At 7:30, when the sunrise is just beginning to tint the sky, I leave the house. This morning the moon was still out, a silvery orb in a sky of pink. All those years ago I would have been disgruntled at the thought of heading to work before the sun had, but not anymore. My walk to campus is peaceful in those first few minutes of sunlight and I am hoping that my good cheer and energy for waking up continues. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the dark and the dawn as I adapt to a new schedule.


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