Daily Journey Journal #222: right time, right place

From January 4, 2015

Almost two weeks ago A and I moved into our house and we have been slowly putting it together ever since. For a few days boxes filled the living room, but as they disappeared and our books and clothes, trinkets and photos began finding homes, we came to realize we were missing a few essential things: furniture and more furniture.

A, having gone to school in Florida, left his furniture with his little brother, who is beginning school in Florida, and I lived in furnished apartments all through college. So, between the two of us, we had two book shelves, two dressers and one kitchen table. Thus, our apartment was been looking a bit bare, particularly in the living room and bedroom. We were seriously lacking in comfortable places to chill out.

My dad and J so kindly offered us two chairs to use until we found our own, including this oh so lovely (ghastly!) orange and mac ‘n’ cheese yellow square chair (talk about ’70s decor), and my grandma gave us two fold out foam pads to use as a bed. We knew it was all temporary and figured that over the next two months we would start replacing things as we found chairs and such that we liked.

Well, this morning I woke up and I was determined to finish all the unpacking, especially of our office which is nothing but boxes and piles. Midway through the unpacking, I realized that a shelf was in definite order if we were to ever get make the piles vanish, so off to the Goodwill store we went. As it just so happened, there were no bookshelves, but there was a couch! Oh, and what a couch it was. The day before we had spent an hour sitting on couches at the furniture store, but none of them could compare to this lovely, squishy one at the Goodwill. Without a second thought, we bought it and called my dad to help us move it.

As we were returning from Dad’s house, the couch having been moved into our house (and the orange and yellow chair returned to my dad), my mom called to say that she found us a bed and we could go get it right now. Dark was beginning to fall and we were feeling a bit fatigued, but it was too good to pass it by, so off we went. We returned home a few minutes later, mattresses in tow and our furniture needs but a memory.

With some finagling and rearranging, we have everything now in place (expect for the office) and our lucky ducky day came to a perfect close. Sometimes, when it rains, it pours, and when it’s raining luck, you just have to go jump in it.


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