30 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 2: To be funny

“It never gets below 82 here, even at night. Some days I just sweat like crazy. And not just normal sweating either, you know, not just back and armpits. Really, I never thought my eyebrows could sweat so much!”

That was my brother yesterday when he Skype called me from Micronesia. While I’m freezing in Wyoming, he is literally sweating himself blind on a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You see, my brother is practically blind as it is, which necessitates wearing glasses as thick as bottle bottoms. In Wyoming, that is rarely an issue. But, as he explained to me in humorous detail, when your face sweats so much that it soaks your eyebrows which in turn floor your glasses, it makes seeing a bit difficult. And that makes teaching high schoolers more than a bit difficult. He went on to talk about a normal day in teaching on the island, which I found equally as funny.

Being easily amused, having a great imagination and having a brother with a knack for humor, I find his stories extremely funny. Besides my brother, I find dogs and cats funny, old family photos hilarious and most people’s anecdotes about living abroad pretty amusing. For me, funny comes from personal stories and the ways in which people tell them.


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