30 Day Blogging Challenge, Day 1: In 2015 I shan’t…

A new year, a new challenge. But first, a brief preface:

Today, as I was reading some lovely blogs in the WordPress reader, I came across this great post by Fran from Curious Incidents of a Flailing Mermaid (what a fantastic name!). I enjoyed the post because as much as I love resolutions, I really like the idea of  non-resolutions, those things we do not want to do in the new year. When I realized that her post was the first of 30 to come, I was thrilled! A whole month of posts that are sure to be interesting and engaging! Woot!

Being me, I like the idea of writing challenges very much so and have thoroughly enjoyed those in which I have participated. So I thought, why not join Fran and so many others to start off the new blogging year in high spirits? I couldn’t find a reason not to, so here it goes.

 I wanted to thank Fran for her fabulous post and for spreading word about the challenge. Thank you!


Day 1 prompt: “Everyone talks about the changes they want to make when New Years Day comes. I don’t want to know about your resolutions…I want to know what you don’t plan on doing in 2015. Don’t be obvious…be creative!”

Things I do not plan on doing in 2015

1. Befriend giant spiders. I don’t care what Hagrid says on this matter. I simply won’t do it!

2. Go to the moon. The thought of a suit and some metal slapped together into a small vessel being the only thing keeping me safe is just not high up on my list of potential great adventures.

3. Spend a zillion dollars on exorbitantly priced coffee, no matter how yummy it is or how addicted I become. However, spending $1.46 less than a zillion dollars is totally within the realm of possibility.

4. Eat a whole cow in one sitting. I read a book about that once. Being vegetarian aside, that just sounded like a bad choice of food for a binge consumption. Cheese, chocolate, muffins, all of those sound much better to me.

5. Become a zombie. That just sounds awful and gory and generally horrid.





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