Daily Journey Journal #215: building a nest

From December 28, 2014

My arms and back are sore, my vision slightly fuzzy and my mind a whirl. In the last twenty four hours we have unpacked almost every box, sorted through 90% of our belongings and found new places for them. Piece by piece, minute by minute, we have begun to turn the house from simply a rental into a place for us to call home. Wandering from the bedroom through the living room in route to the kitchen, I am starting to feel blissfully settled.

It seems odd to take so much joy in seeing the material items that make up a house. I generally try not to place too much value on the material, preferring instead to value the living beings around me who make life so beautiful. But, after almost a year and a half on the road, living in borrowed space and out of a suitcase, it is nice to see familiar objects, items which have come to us in a variety of ways and which fill the new space with memories. I love the way the books look on the bookshelf, the smell of the candles sitting on the coffee table, the feel of the Moroccan rug under my feet. To me, these things say home in the way that a suitcase simply does not. Unpacking the boxes has brought back a sense of belonging, whispers of moments past and a promise of the wonders to come. With our house nearly put together, I am feeling more and more ready for a new beginning, a new chapter in life.


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