Daily Journey Journal #208: potica bread

From December 21, 2014

A storm is blowing in. We can feel it in the air, in the way the temperature has dropped and in the dampness that has infiltrated the constant dryness. Wind had begun to rattle the windows, bombarding the house with gusts well over 30 miles per hour.
Inside, however, Christmas cheer is underway. This year, we were a bit late in embracing the seasonal spirit. Ten days ago, it was sixty degrees and sunny, not the slightest bit like December. But now, we’ve had two snow storms and another is on the way. The fat flakes drifting past the foggy window and the smell of potica bread baking has our spirits soaring. Christmas really is coming!
J and I spent the evening rolling out the dough and drinking mild white wine. The soft, warm dough beneath of fingers, the sweet tang of wine on my tongue, the quiet chatter between us, how I missed it all last year. Being surrounded by family on the holidays is my favorite thing and as I rolled out the bread and spread the sugary nutty topping over it, thankfulness filled me. I live for these simple moments.
Now, bread in the oven, we’re curled up in the living room, watching chick flicks and enjoying the calm. In two days we will throw ourselves into the chaos of family, to soak up every second of togetherness that we can.


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