Daily Journey Journal #206: joys unexpected

From December 19, 2014

There were a number of situations in life for which Maya was unprepared, but this was the one she was least expected to deal with. The doctor, wearing a crisp white lab coat, squished out cool gel and smeared it around.

“There is it,” she said. “Your future baby.”

Maya’s heart seemed to stop as she started at the little blob on the screen.

Her daughter reached for her hand and smiled.

“Your grandbaby, Mama,” she said.

Maya blinked her eyes twice, trying to will away the tears and looked again at the screen. A heartbeat was just visible, life pulsing all but unseen. She squeezed her daughter’s hand.

At twenty-two, everything in life could be exciting, even if it was unexpected.

“In a few months we’ll be able to see more,” the doctor said, wiping away the gel.

Maya smiled.

Some joys come in unexpected packages.



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